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eMpTy Minds Radio #109 (02-08-2013)

Published February 8, 2013

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Your Hosts: Tom & Myron
Everybody Else: Garry & Jerry

Good times had by all on this episode packed full of goodies!

- Loads of fantastic Fuckin' Corrections
- Jerry's back with brand new Techin' It Up The Ass
- Tons of other great stuff!

We most sincerely appreciate you taking the time to check us out. Enjoy!

This episode was recorded on Friday February 8th, 2013 at Golden Leaf West 7th

Run time 2 Hours 19 Minutes


Reviewer: emptymindsradio - - February 9, 2013
Subject: Boring eh? Not quite!
Hi there.

Yes, we love to blow our own trumpet, mainly because it appears nobody else reviews on here one way or the other. Last week some dude gave us 3 out of 5 stars for episode #106.

He said it was boring. To this we say, to each their own, but in following up on the other 4 things that he (or she, we guess) has reviewed, we see that every other podcast received the same number of stars (3 out of 5)that we did and apparently in this reviewers eyes the only sublime 5 star thing on the planet are 1930s black and white Popeye cartoons. Certainly great, but 5 stars? Maybe podcast aren't your thing, sir.